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  2. Dear Members of the NVtronics forum,

    Since we don't believe in coincidences, your arrival here must also have a reason. Whatever it is you're looking for we wish to assist or at least make sure your visit will not be the first and the last one.
    This forum, part of NVtronics Research was created to allow sharing of ideas related to our well being and health. We've done some work already and will share the results. We also hope that others can contribute their experience and provide assistance for those in need. This is not about money, patents or fame but simple fact that we're all witnessing suffering, untimely departures and lost hopes of other people around us. They're no different from us and one day we may become them - we may fell ill. Health is one of most precious gifts and often taken for granted, especially when we're still very young but this gift can be lost.
    Our work is focused on different ways to preserve this great gift and get it back once it becomes lost.
    We have a few different sub forums which will be gradually filled with the material we already have but our hope is that others will also contribute and create an additional threads.
    Besides standard legal Terms of Use and Legal Disclaimer we have only couple simple rules here. They should be obvious to anyone but our experience proves that they can be easily forgotten.
    So, here we go:
    1.Please treat other members the way you'd wish to be treated.
    2.Remember that other members may happen to be minors or ladies or perhaps not native English speakers so choose your words wisely and appropriately.
    3.Try to avoid posting copyrighted material to save us a headache with addressing someones claims.
    4.Negative comments, discouraging from experimenting should be avoided unless what you are describing and/or writing or commenting about is something you personally have actually built, tested and documented as not functional device/method and your writings are NOT based on hypes, theories or someone other's work (eg. comments like "this doesn't work, I have read about it somewhere and I'm sure it doesn't work/it's not right" SHOULD BE AVOIDED).
    5.Topics of Building and Experimenting/Guiding nature should only serve such purpose. It is difficult to follow when several pages are filled with general questions or unrelated content.
    6. Topics or posts with sole purpose of products or services promotion / selling are STRICTLY forbidden and the member which violates this rule will immediately be banned under the fear of further escalation / total forum flooding and spamming.
    7. Always read the topic's title and try to remember it while you are typing/writing/commenting. Trying to stay on topic makes the threads easy to follow and understand. Nobody likes messy things and we are doing our best to keep this forum clean and easily readable, so please help us with that.

    This is work in progress but feel free to start any discussion or project of your own.

    Any suggestions, comments or problems can be forwarded to the forum's moderators or administrators.

    Welcome on board and enjoy your visit.

    "Learning is finding out what we already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers and teachers."
    Richard Bach